I like to keep things simple, so there is one price….£1200 for full day coverage, plus travel expenses. If you want a second photographer along, add £150 to that price.

Coco: “Mike shot my wedding earlier this month and I am more than delighted with the results! As a model myself I am very picky when it comes to photography, and Mike was the only person I trusted to capture my special day. “

Making the correct choice for your wedding photography is incredibly important, as these photos will provide lasting memories for you and your family for years to come.  I use professional equipment that is fully insured including back up cameras and lighting equipment to cover any weather or situation you may encounter on your day.  Croshaw Photography Ltd is fully insured and we will take multiple backups of your images on the day to make sure nothing we capture is lost.  If you are wondering why we charge what we do please take a look at this article….

Why does wedding photography cost so much?

My approach

My approach to weddings is to try and document the day while staying out of your way and being as unobtrusive as possible.
I do offer formal shots if you require them, as well as pre and post wedding bridal shoots ( not included in the price I mentioned above ).

What do I get for my £1200

Well, you get me for the day, with all my years of experience, and high end wedding photography gear. Your images will be edited to a high standard and loaded into an online, password protected gallery. I don’t give an exact number of images as much of that depends on the size of the wedding. You will get more than enough images to capture the story of your day, including many parts of it you may have missed!

But…what about the wedding album?

My all-in-one price does not include a wedding album. Why is this? Well, these days a lot of people are just sticking to digital images. They want to print a few out, but most end up on social media. I didn’t want to inflate the price for an album that some people might not want. There is an album option, see here for the details…

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