Corporate Event Photos – London boat trip

I don’t just shoot weddings! I have some regular clients who book me for event photography as well, in this case a corporate party event. These are a lot of fun, and require a similar skillset to weddings. This was the setting for this particular party, which was an end of year party. The boat was run by this company if you are looking for something similar, they did a great job.

London at night

Of course London does present some challenges. The biggest one for me is getting there with all my gear. This party was on a boat, in the middle of London. I packed light, just a couple of Godox flashes for lighting, and my usual cameras and lenses. I took a Sony A9, an A7R3 and the 85mm and 35mm primes. I also packed a Fuji X-T3 with the 16mm 1.4 for getting some wider shots.

The party boat at the Embankment

The Party begins…

I was there early as usual to capture the first arrivals. I try to capture a good mix of candid images and the more posed shots. I’ve worked with this company a few times now and have learned a couple of important things. Firstly, they love a good party! Second, they love having group photos taken! So I always know that the moment I stop taking candid shots someone will ask me to photograph them with their friends. This is actually great for me, I love a good mix of images.


I said before that these events require a similar set of skills and gear to a wedding. This is because the entire party is like a wedding reception without the speeches. There is generally not a lot of light. What light there is will be yellow, or strongly coloured. So for most shots I need to use flash, but do so without losing the atmosphere.

Guests enjoying some bubbly!


I generally let people eat in peace unless they want me to take photos. Most people don’t look at their best when eating! After the meal ( which was lovely ) it was time to hit the dance floor. This, again, is very like the end of a wedding after evening reception gets going.

The singer gets some assistance from a guest!
The dancing gets going
I think they are having fun!

I also took some shots of London as we passed by on the Thames, to give them all something cool to remember from the boat trip.

Then there was just enough time to get a few photos of the dancing done before the party finished. It was a great evening and great fun to be the photographer for it. If your company needs some event photography please contact me here via this page: