Always nice to be published!

I had some photos from Emma and Jerry’s wedding published in Bride this week.

It’s nice to get published, but it’s not something I aim for. I know a lot of photographers enter competitions and try and get into magazines all the time. I don’t, mainly because I’m too lazy ( apart from on wedding days )! My sole focus is pleasing my clients, if they are happy, that’s what makes my day. My photos have appeared in numerous publications over the years, including Amateur Photographer, Professional Photographer and the Daily Express! The last one is slightly awkward as I’m a bit of a bleeding heart liberal and my parents are Guardian readers! I’ve also appeared in various bridal magazines and on Zambian national telly in a school choir ( that was a very long time ago when I lived in Zambia ). So, that’s the publication thing done with. I’ve not won any awards, but my mum thinks I’m a really good photographer!



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