Wedding at Shiplake College Henley

Bridal Prep – Caversham

I shot this wedding with a friend of mine who knew the couple, so it was a very relaxed affair. I’ve not shot a wedding at Shiplake College before but as Henley is close to where I live I was very keen to see it. Andrew went off to cover the groom while I started with bridal prep at the Kelly’s house in Caversham. As most of my weddings these days seem to happen miles away it was nice to have a local one for a change!

Bridal Prep for Kelly
Is that Prosecco I see?!!
kids watching bridal prep for their mum
Bridesmaids waiting for their mum
Bridal prep for a wedding in Shiplake - black and white
Someone likes their makeup!

I always enjoy bridal prep, it’s usually a really relaxed part of the day. It’s also the part of the day where I get to know the bridal party. This was all very relaxed and the kids were beautifully behaved.

bridesmaids playing around before the wedding
The children having fun at bridal prep:)
Father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time
Father of the bride

The Ceremony

Next it was on to Shiplake College, a beautiful venue near Henley ( .During term time this is a school of course, but in the holidays it’s a great wedding venue. The Minstrels Gallery is where the ceremony is held. Outside there are fantastic grounds. Here are some of the shots.

Wedding Processional - Shiplake College Wedding Venue

When I’m shooting the ceremony I like to get shots of the audience as well as the bride and groom.

Brides father looks on - Shiplake College Wedding Venue
Kelly’s father looks on at the marriage ceremony
Tears at the wedding ceremony - Shiplake College - black and white
Getting emotional at the ceremony at Shiplake College
Kiss at the wedding ceremony - Shiplake College Wedding venue
Sneaky kiss while the register is being signed!
Bride and Groom walking down the Minstrels Gallery - Shiplake College Wedding venue
After the ceremony – walking out of the Minstrels Gallery

After the wedding ceremony…

We were very lucky in that it was a lovely day. At the back of Shiplake College there are some beautiful grounds. I always love this part of the wedding, lots of chances for some candids. In this case the kids in particular really obliged and were extra cute.

Kids playing outside - Shiplake College Wedding Venue
Kids being cute at the wedding:)
Kids playing - Shiplake College Wedding Venue
More cuteness from the kids. All you need is a stick, not an iPad!
Family portrait - Shiplake College Wedding venue
Family shot, informal as I like them!
Group shot of the family - Shiplake College Wedding venue
Formal wedding shot with Shiplake College in the background

That’s all from me on this one! Andrew covered the rest of the day, as I was really only booked for the main part of the day on this occasion. It was a lovely venue, and the beautiful family. Hope I get to go back there for another wedding soon! For my wedding price list please look here…

Family Photoshoot with Gareth and Natalie

In addition to wedding photography I also do the odd family photoshoot when people ask me to!  It’s something I’ve done for my own family and friends and it supplements the wedding photography quite nicely, so you will see more of this from me next year.  I’d arranged to meet up with Gareth and Natalie again, with their three lovely little people, Jude, Ava and Ella.  I chose the time of day very carefully, we wanted to get golden hour for this shoot, and I also kept a close eye on the weather.  As Gareth and Natalie don’t live anywhere near me, we arranged a half way point and Natalie found some lovely woodlands for the photo shoot.

The gear

As always with young children, getting them to play along was quite a challenge, but by the end we’d gotten some lovely shots that I know they are very pleased with.  Here are some of the images, for those interested the cameras used were a Sony A7R3 and Sony A9 and the lenses an 85 1.4 GM and 70-200 2.8 GM.

Natalie and her daughter – family photoshoot
The whole family

Bribery Required

After about half an hour of any family session you can almost guarantee that the kids will start getting either bored , fed up or hangry! This is what happened on this shoot but luckily Gareth and Natalie came prepared. A few M&Ms later ( and some wet wipes ), the kids looked a lot happier. Moral of the story, for any family photoshoot, bring bribes, food and things for them to do! You will also notice the matching outfits. Making the clothing consistent is quite important. For more hints and tips on family photoshoots check out this article( not by me, but by someone who also got their family photos done by their wedding photographer! )…

The two girls – family photoshoot
Natalie and Gareth’s little boy
Family Photoshoot – Natalie and Gareth’s youngest daughter looking cute

Booking a family photoshoot

If you liked these shots and would like to book a photo session for your family just drop me a message via the contacts page here…

Thanks for reading!

Always nice to be published!

I had some photos from Emma and Jerry’s wedding published in Bride this week.

It’s nice to get published, but it’s not something I aim for. I know a lot of photographers enter competitions and try and get into magazines all the time. I don’t, mainly because I’m too lazy ( apart from on wedding days )! My sole focus is pleasing my clients, if they are happy, that’s what makes my day. My photos have appeared in numerous publications over the years, including Amateur Photographer, Professional Photographer and the Daily Express! The last one is slightly awkward as I’m a bit of a bleeding heart liberal and my parents are Guardian readers! I’ve also appeared in various bridal magazines and on Zambian national telly in a school choir ( that was a very long time ago when I lived in Zambia ). So, that’s the publication thing done with. I’ve not won any awards, but my mum thinks I’m a really good photographer!



Engagement photoshoot at South Hill Park

I don’t do a lot of engagement sessions for some reason, then when I do happen to do one, I really enjoy it and think to myself, “I should do more of these!”.  This photoshoot was quite a special one however, with a really interesting back story, so bear with me!  Debi has known me for years ever since she got into modelling at a somewhat later age than most people do!  She’s done very well though and has recently been on some of the morning TV fashion shows.  I did a shoot for her a few years back for a modelling agency.

She recently decided to look up her family and found out that her mum was still alive and living in Australia. Debi is going to visit her next year along with David and wanted some photos to put into a book for her mother. This was also an engagement shoot as Debi and David are getting married in 2020 . Debi has asked me to capture their wedding day ( I should mention here that Debi is a very good photographer in her own right). Here are just a few of the photos from their engagement photoshoot, taken at South Hill Park in Bracknell.

Hints and tips

If you decide you want to do an engagement shoot this article has some good ideas to consider:

From my own experience, I would say that you need to be comfortable showing affection with each other to make it work. Your photographer will help you with posing and stuff like that. My second tip would be to consider the outfits you wear for the shoot. Think about printing some of these images out and putting them on the wall. Would you do that if you are wearing the same outfit you go to the shops in? My third tip would be to treat it as practice for your wedding. On your wedding say you will be the centre of attention, this will help you get used to having a camera pointed at you. Check out Sam and Craig’s wedding here…

They did an engagement shoot with me before the wedding and they both said it really helped them relax in front of the camera on the wedding day.

If you want to book an engagement photoshoot with me please get in touch via the contact page here: