Coco and Joe's wedding part 1

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I've been looking forward to this one for a long time, as Coco has been a friend of mine for a few years now and we've worked together a few times in the fashion industry.  Although I am normally a berkshire wedding photographer my second home does seem to be Brighton and the surrounding area, I go there a lot and love it.  This was a themed wedding loosely based on Alice in Wonderland ( with Coco being Alice of course ).  I started the day very early at Worthing Pier, as I had to get down early to avoid the traffic so I thought I may as well shoot a few landscapes...It was pretty cold, but worth it for these shots.  I don't get much opportunity to shoot landscapes in Reading, so it was nice to get down to the coast.

I then went to the venue and began covering Bridal prep.  I knew this would be fun and Coco did not disappoint.  Here are some of the images..Coco had three bridesmaids and one long time friend in attendance.  I love bridal prep, it's usually a really fun, but quite relaxed part of the day.  After that things just speed up and the day starts to flash by, but bridal prep lets me get into the swing of things and get to know the bridal party a little bit.

Coco - bridal prep - eyeliner timeCoco - bridal prep - eyeliner time

Coco - bridal prepCoco putting on a very special necklace during her bridal prep

Coco - putting on the veilBridal prep - putting on the veil Coco - bridal partyCoco - bridal party Then it was on to the ceremony, everything took place at Selden Barns, which made my life very easy and also a lot more relaxing for Coco and Joe.

Coco and Joe's wedding - the girlsCoco and Joe's wedding - the girls Coco walking down the aisleCoco walking down the aisle Coco and Joe - giving the bride awayCoco and Joe - giving the bride away Coco and Joe wedding vowsCoco and Joe wedding vows

After the ceremony it was back over to the reception area, which was a marquee, and absolutely beautifully decorated. 

Wedding cake by Calley's CakesWedding cake by Calley's Cakes

Joe enjoying his wedding receptionJoe enjoying his wedding reception Coco and her brothers at her weddingCoco and her brothers at her wedding Croshaw Photography - wedding photographyCoco and her motherCoco and her mother striking a pose Croshaw Photography Coco and Joe confetti shotCoco and Joe confetti shotConfetti time!

I'll cover the rest of the wedding in a follow up post next week, I've got a wedding in Hurley to prepare for now!



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