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One of the abiding memories from my own wedding 16 years ago was the photographer getting quite annoyed by the guests not doing what they were told during the group shots.  My wife's grandfather had wandered off for a sneaky smoke and was right behind one of the groups.  Being a bit deaf by that point he didn't hear the photographer yelling at him to move.  Most people married in the old film days probably have similar memories, photography was different back then, in many ways more challenging, but expectations were a lot lower too.  I don't want to be that type of photographer.  I don't mind doing group shots, I totally understand the necessity for them.  In fact, this one from Lauren and Dale's wedding, was one of my favourite images this year...

Dale and Lauren balloon group shotDale and Lauren balloon group shotDale and Lauren release the balloons But my main focus at the wedding is always capturing moments between the guests, and of course the bride and groom.  To do this, I try and blend in with the guests, become a part of the wedding.  Not aloof from it, I love having quick chats with guests given time, and I love getting to know the bride and groom.  But I don't want their memories of the wedding to be about me.  So I use small, quiet cameras, and I try and be as unobtrusive as possible while documenting the day as thoroughly as possible.  Often I capture moments the bride and groom will have missed, and it's always those candid shots, rather than the group shots, that they value the most.

Dale and Lauren - groomsman and his sonDale and Lauren - groomsman and his sonA tender moment between one of the groomsmen and his son.

Sian and David's wedding - candid kids portraitSian and David's wedding - candid kids portraitCandid shot of the kids being cute. Vanessa and Rob wedding - candid family photoVanessa and Rob wedding - candid family photoVanessa and Rob wedding - candid family photo Jess and Gary - kids having funJess and Gary - kids having funJust kids having fun at a wedding! Gary and Jess - reception funny momentGary and Jess - reception funny momentA moment of hilarity during the speeches at Gary and Jess' wedding.



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