Why I love this picture ( June 2016 )

June 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The confetti throwing part of a wedding is always fun, if sometimes a bit chaotic.  I try and make sure I have a word with the ushers and the best man ( if there is one ) to get a handle on who actually has the confetti.  Then I make sure they don't throw it too soon.  Usually a lot of the guests at this point get their cameras or phones out to take some shots, which is absolutely fine if organised properly, but a mess if not.  Anyway..I love this confetti shot.  Even though David's face is out of focus, you still get the sense of fun although I have other shots where his face is in focus, I prefer this one for the emotions it captures.  I know the couple themselves loved it, goes to show that not every shot needs to be technically perfect to work.

Groom confetti shotGroom confetti shotGroom confetti shot. They don't all have to be in focus!


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