Engagement at South Hill Park

I don’t do a lot of engagement shoots for some reason, then when I do happen to shoot one, I really enjoy it and think to myself, “I should do more of these!”.  This was quite a special one however, with a really interesting back story, so bear with me!  I’ve known Debi for years ever since she got into modelling at a somewhat later age than most people do!  She’s done very well though and recently been on some of the morning TV fashion shows.  I did a shoot for her a few years back for a modelling agency.  She recently decided to look up her family and found out that her mum was still alive and living in Australia.  Debi is going to visit her next year along with David and wanted to print some photos to put into a book or album that she could send to her mum, hence the idea for this shoot.  It was also an engagement shoot as Debi and David are getting married in 2020 and they want me to capture their wedding day ( I should mention here that Debi is a very good photographer in her own right and has actually second shot a wedding with me! ).  Here are just a few of the photos, taken at South Hill Park in Bracknell.

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